Rae Stephens

Rae Stephens

Thursday, 06 July 2017 11:26


Underdressing is common in Stage and Theatre, but take a look at this everyday use of underdressing ....
Wednesday, 05 July 2017 08:38

Alternative Seam Rippers and Methods

Kelly Pederson Hanson talks about  some alternative seam rippers and methods of using them ...
Gentleman Jim, Master Tailor of 52 years, shares a few fabric handing and cutting tips. I must be nuts; the sound of his shears cutting that fabric made me smile. Wonderful tips here, and, an aknowledgement that many people cut on low tables (or floors); I think we've all cut a large garment out on the floor at least once ...
You can have a smooth Angels day and that's great, but it's only when something goes wrong that people really show what they're made of; go behind the scenes on a two-play day of Angels in America and see what it takes to bring to life over seven hours of theatre. It is a thrilling experience to set up a huge show like Angles; working as a stage hand can be so inspiring ...
Monday, 03 July 2017 19:16

Game of Thrones Hairstyles

Obviously, most of these involve braids and you've got updos and half up half down hairstyles. These are great fantasy / costume hairstyles especially for long hair.
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The Costumer's Notebook,

The book The Costumer's Notebook is a 295 page comprehensive handbook for Costumers for stage and film including a full Glossary of stage and film industry terms. Sections include methods and tricks for laundry, dyeing, breakdown, Dresser guidelines and protocols for Stage or Film and various size charts for men and women from shoes to gloves. Other Sections include diagrams showing How to Iron A Shirt, How to Tie a Tie and How to Tie a Bow Tie. Costume fittings, costume lay out and costume storage are also discussed.