Costume Designer Ane Crabtree has created the most iconic designs of her career with The Handmaid's Tale.
I do, at least, I used to feel that way about entering into the world of nuts and bolts, power tools and fixtures; that is, until I began working as a Costumer. Now, I look at Hardware Store shopping on par with a Vintage Collectables shop; I’m always likely to find a few treasures that I can toss into my kit. Speaking of my kit …
Ngila Dickson speaks about her amazing costume designs for the Fellowship of the Ring, and Lord of the Rings ... get a cup of tea ...
A video showing how I went from Princess to Ogre during a live show! 
Good job!
For every person you see on the opera stage, there are, on average, three more people working behind the scenes to bring you a fantastic opera-going experience. Here's a glimpse of some of that unseen work. Masterful!
Last year, I wrote another blog titled Summer Film Checklist; about supplies, kits and clothing a costumer should include when working outdoors on a film. It’s good to check your kit at least once a year; to inventory the contents, replenish containers of low supplies and to add new items.  All my original urgings of bringing warm, comfortable clothing, extra clothing, and sun and safety gear still apply, but this year, I’d like to talk about a threat that is common to everyone who works outside during the spring, summer and autumn months - Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease characterized by flu-like symptoms, caused by bacteria that is transmitted by ticks. 
t the speed of light, cast members of "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical" tear off their no-longer-needed costumes and pop into the ones they do need for their next scene. Check out Chilina Kennedy, Scott J. Campbell, Alan Wiggins, E. Clayton Cornelius, Douglas Lyons and Caliaf St. Aubyn making some of the quickest changes you’ve ever seen — and of course they are assisted by their ready, willing and able dressers!
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Costume Designer Ann Foley talks about the Agents' new looks this season, how she got started in the industry, and more on Marvel LIVE! at New York Comic Con 2015.
Take a look behind the scenes of Catching Fire and see Trish Sommerville's amazing costumes close up ... 
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The Costumer's Notebook,

The book The Costumer's Notebook is a 295 page comprehensive handbook for Costumers for stage and film including a full Glossary of stage and film industry terms. Sections include methods and tricks for laundry, dyeing, breakdown, Dresser guidelines and protocols for Stage or Film and various size charts for men and women from shoes to gloves. Other Sections include diagrams showing How to Iron A Shirt, How to Tie a Tie and How to Tie a Bow Tie. Costume fittings, costume lay out and costume storage are also discussed.