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A quick look at the beautiful work of Arthur Oliver ...

Okay, so I know every Costumer has their own good and bad stories about Child Wranglers, but I thought we should hear Felicia Velasco, the guardian for a show's young cast members talk about her work while they're at the theatre for performances and rehearsals. As a combined authority figure and assistant, she ensures the child actors are prepared, are kept safe, and helps to manage their downtime. Seen here working with the girls at The People in the Picture, she compares it to previous wrangling assignments, and finds the upsides to a career as a child wrangler.

Felicia sounds like she's on top of her game alright; she always knows where the children are when not on stage, and this is very important. The entire backstage area is very dark and often the stagehands are moving show props, costumes or scenery around between the cues and acts, so wranglers are usually advised to keep the children away from backstage until their cue to go on. Always remember, as Costumers, we are not necessarily responsible for the child performers; every gig is so different. But, if you ever think a child's safety or well-being is in question, take your concerns to your supervisor.

Indeed, Costumers, it IS the season for ... The Nutcracker Ballet... 

Follow The Australian Ballet's Artistic Director David McAllister behind the curtain as the production of Cinderella moves from page to stage. You'll meet choreographer Alexei Ratmansky, designer Jérôme Kaplan, and Principal Artists Leanne Stojmenov and Daniel Gaudiello.

Costumers the world over, have a great deal in common; our love of costumes, and of crafting fine and wonderful work that is enjoyed by thousands of people, for generations and beyond ...

Alberta Ballet Artistic Director Jean Grand-Maitre introduces us to two dancers; Garrett Groat and Serena Sandford; How did they get into the company?

In 1981 Stagehand Ray McLaughlin sweeps up after the Bolshoi Ballet ... Have you ever wondered how stagehands make it snow onstage? Matt Wagner, a Stagehand from the Denver Centre for the Performing Arts tells us how they do it for their production of A Christmas Carol. Other seasonal shows may employ different techniques, but this one works just fine.

Martha Stewart in a Dollar Store? Not only that, she learns how to make a tutu out of dollar store items ... for real. They are really cute, require no sewing and are easy to make; she even suggests other options. Can't get much better .... Sewing Funny

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