JP Marchant and Forgotten Trial Pictures invited Lynne and I to volunteer on our third Independent Film project: a horror film titled, Girl At The Door. JP would direct; Lynne and I would provide wardrobe services to this project which was filmed over the July 21,22, 2017 Weekend.

  The dyeing arts are creative and fun. Raw fabric may be dyed, then cut and sewn into costumes, or; a finished costume may be over-dyed, under-dyed or dipped into a bath of coffee or tea.

  Try to get organized before you begin, it saves steps in the long run. Make sure your workplace is clean and uncrowded; you need space to work.

  If necessary, hang plastic to mask the surrounding area so it does not become contaminated by air borne dye powder. Always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully as dyes vary from company to company.

The Costumer's Notebook,

The book The Costumer's Notebook is a 295 page comprehensive handbook for Costumers for stage and film including a full Glossary of stage and film industry terms. Sections include methods and tricks for laundry, dyeing, breakdown, Dresser guidelines and protocols for Stage or Film and various size charts for men and women from shoes to gloves. Other Sections include diagrams showing How to Iron A Shirt, How to Tie a Tie and How to Tie a Bow Tie. Costume fittings, costume lay out and costume storage are also discussed.