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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 17:23

Vivien of Holloway - Gorgeous Vintage Dresses

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Beautiful vintage dress styles modelled here by fashion blogger Sam Elson and Nora Finds; just in time for Christmas ...

Saturday, 02 September 2017 15:29

Gotham - Costume Display at FIDM

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Costume Designer Lisa Padovani has created some dynamite looks for Gotham ....

I love peeking backstage on Broadway Touring Musicals; up this time is Beauty and the Beast. Check out interviews with performers Hilary Mailburger and Darick Pead and Adam Dietlein, Director Rob Roth, Company Manager Kristin Stewart,  and Production  Stage Manager David Zack; and view the amazing stage and wardrobe ...

Friday, 01 September 2017 10:40

Venice Carnival 2015

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Oh for a bit of colour on a November day; check out these lovely costumes, masks and accessories from a warmer day ...

Saturday, 02 September 2017 11:36

Backstage at Broadway's NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT!

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A Day in the life ... I always enjoy the backstage looks at Broadway shows; the costumes, the lights, the action ....

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The book The Costumer's Notebook is a 295 page comprehensive handbook for Costumers for stage and film including a full Glossary of stage and film industry terms. Sections include methods and tricks for laundry, dyeing, breakdown, Dresser guidelines and protocols for Stage or Film and various size charts for men and women from shoes to gloves. Other Sections include diagrams showing How to Iron A Shirt, How to Tie a Tie and How to Tie a Bow Tie. Costume fittings, costume lay out and costume storage are also discussed.